Amiga RGB SCART Adapter


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This adapter converts Amiga video connector to RGB SCART. The Adapter has 3,5mm stereo audio input so Amiga audio can be routed from RCA connectors to SCART ouput.

Comes with 3D-printed case. There’s also an option to buy the adapter with 50 cm RCA to 3,5mm audio cable.

Internally the adapter is wired like this and provides optimal video quality to devices that have RGB SCART input.

When Amiga is powered on the SCART connected display will autoselect RGB-mode and switch to correct AV-input. 4:3 aspect ratio is autoset if the display has 4:3/16:9 option.

The project is open source. Design files are available on my git.

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RGB SCART Adapter, RGB SCART Adapter with 50 cm Audio Cable