Atari ST RGBtoHDMI Adapter


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This is my own design based on LinuxJedi’s Amiga RGBtoHDMI Adapter.

I’ve tested the board only on my 1040STf but should work in all STs that have DIP socketed Shifter chip. Does not fit in Mega ST as the Shifter chip is under the power supply.

Also doesn’t fit in STe as it has PLCC socketed Shifter chip.

Installation guide is available on my Git.

I also designed an additional adapter board for video port. It has RCAs for audio out (mono) and a button that enables HiRes monochrome video mode.

Additionally you need RaspberryPi Zero 1 or 2 and Mini-HDMI to HDMI-cable.


  • Atari ST RGBtoHDMI Adapter
  • RCA audio out and HiRes switch board

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