C64 Stereo SID DIY Kit


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Design by tebl.

This is a very simple Stereo SID board for C64. Please note that you need to use same SID chips. Either 2 x 6581 or 2 x 8580.

GitHub project page and installation instructions.

Genuine high quality parts sourced from an authorized dealer.

The kit includes the following parts

1 x Black PCB
5 x 1k Ohm Vishay MBB Resistor
1 x 10k Ohm Vishay MBB Resistor
1 x 1000pF TDK MLCC C0G Capacitor
3 x 470pF TDK MLCC C0G Capacitor (2 are 6581 filter capacitors)
2 x 22nF TDK MLCC C0G Capacitor (8580 filter capacitors)
1 x 10uF Nichicon UFW Audio Grade Capacitor
2 x On Semiconductor 1N4148 Diodes
1 x MCC 2N4401 NPN Transistor
2 x 28 Pin Rounded IC Sockets
2 x 14 Pin Rounded Male Pin Headers
1 x 10 Pin Male Pin Headers
1 x 10 Pin Right Angle Male Pin Headers
3 x Jumper

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