THS7316 Based RF Modulator Replacement for C64


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This is a RF Modulator replacement for Commodore 64. It uses the excellent Texas Instruments THS7316 HDTV amplifier chip. It provides superior image quality to transistor based RF Modulator replacements. This also works in Commodore 128.

GitHub Project Page

The board is professionally SMT assembled except for the THS7316 chip that I’ve soldered by hand because it wasn’t available on the parts library of the SMT service I used. THS7316 chips are sourced from Mouser.

I’ve slightly modified the c0pperdragon’s design by increasing the vertical size to 20 cm to be compatible with the SMT service. Schematic remains unchanged.

The board has a solder jumper. Leave it open for “short board” C64s that use 5V VIC-II-chip. Solder the bridge if you have a “long board” that uses 12V VIC-II. C128 has 5V VIC-II chip so solder jumper should be left open.

Long boards = Assy 326298, 250407, 250425, 250466
Short board = Assy 250469
GND1 should be connected to ground on long boards. For short boards it’s not needed as the ground is available on RF Modulator pin 3.
I will include a 10 pin male pin header with the board.

All boards are tested as working on a C64C before shipping.

I’ve designed a version of LumaFix64 to go with this board. Available here.

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