C64 8 in 1 Diagnostic & Test Cartridge




8 in 1 Diagnostic and Test Cartridge for Commodore 64.

Uses OpenC64Cart. Includes a reset button. PCB has durable hard gold edge connector and 45° chamfer.

Genuine NOS Winbond W27C512 EEPROM. Socketed so that you can easily flash your own rom if you want.

Cartridge has the following programs. Note that the Diagnostic 586220 is the only program on the cart that requires a diagnostic harness. I have the harness for sale here.

Dead Test 781220Manual

Diagnostic 586220* – From World of Jani. Requires Harness

64 Doktor – Keyboard and Joystick test


1541 Diagnostic

Cassette Azimuth

Kick Dead Test – Modified Dead Test with extra SID filter test. For general testing it’s recommended to use the regular Dead Test.

C64 Burn In R7.2

Switch and jumper settings. Never jumper GAME and EXROM at the same time!

Additional information

Weight 41 g