Vertical Pi1541 Hat for Raspberry Pi Zero

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New batch with slightly longer buttons now available.

This is my own design of Pi1541 vertical hat for Raspberry Pi Zero.

The board is professionally SMT-assembled. Discrete level shifter is integrated on the board and uses genuine Diodes Incorporated BSS138 transistors. Please note that only mode A of Pi1541 is supported.

My board and cable has support for SRQ. SRQ is used by Commodore 128 for selected drives for faster transfer speeds. Pi1541-firmware doesn’t have support for SRQ as of yet but if the support is implemented in the future my hat is ready for it.

As Raspberry Pi Zero comes without pin header installed I will include 2×20 pin male pin header with your order.


The hat with blue OLED-screen.
Spacers, screws and nuts to secure the board to Raspberry Pi Zero.
60 cm IEC-cable.
2×20 pin male pin header.

Preconfigured software for RPi Zero. Just extract to root of SD-card and you are good to go. Includes V1.23 of Pi1541-firmware. Do not upgrade to V1.24. It has a bug that disables the activity light.


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