PiStorm for Amiga 500


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PiStorm for Amiga 500, Amiga 500+, and Amiga 2000. This adapter uses a Raspberry Pi to provide a CPU accelerator, RTG graphics card, hard disk interface, network and other enhancements for your Amiga.

Additionally you will need Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ or Zero 2. RPi 3 Model B will also work if you remove USB-ports but it doesn’t fit under Amiga 500 keyboard.

Boards are professionally SMT assembled.

Every PiStorm I sell has been tested as working. Latest PiStorm bitsream is already flashed to CPLD.

Information how to setup the SD-card is available on PiStorm project page.

Alternatively you can use Emu68. It’s bare metal meaning it doesn’t need Linux installed on the SD-card. It has much faster M68K emulation. Emu68 has support for RTG but doesn’t support networking as of yet.

Here’s a guide how to prepare SD-card and Amiga partitions for Emu68.

As the PiStorms I sell have CPLD already flashed you can use Emu68 straight away without the need to install Linux and flash the CPLD first.


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