PiStorm for Amiga 500


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PiStorm for Amiga 500, Amiga 500+, and Amiga 2000. This adapter uses a Raspberry Pi to provide a CPU accelerator, RTG graphics card, hard disk interface, network and other enhancements for your Amiga.

Additionally you will need Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ or Zero 2. RPi 3 Model B will also work if you remove USB-ports but it doesn’t fit under Amiga 500 keyboard.

Boards are professionally SMT assembled.

Every PiStorm I sell has been tested as working. Latest PiStorm bitsream is already flashed to CPLD.

Information how to setup the SD-card is available on PiStorm project page.

Alternatively you can use Emu68. It’s bare metal meaning it doesn’t need Linux installed on the SD-card. It has much faster M68K emulation. Emu68 has support for RTG but doesn’t support networking as of yet.

Here’s a guide how to prepare SD-card and Amiga partitions for Emu68.

As the PiStorms I sell have CPLD already flashed you can use Emu68 straight away without the need to install Linux and flash the CPLD first.

Make absolutely sure that you install PiStorm the right way in to the CPU socket (pin header on the side of the A500 expansion port). Installing PiStorm the wrong way will kill the PiStorm (I know because I’ve accidentally done that.)

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