SIDBlaster-USB Tic Tac Edition

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The SIDBlaster Tic Tac comprises premium “open-source“ hardware for using a genuine SID-sound chip for C64 emulation, playback of SID tunes and music production as a little box on the USB port of a personal computer.

GitHub project page

All SMD parts on the board are professionally SMT assembled.

High quality THT components sourced from TME and Reichelt. Neutrik phono sockets. Vishay resistors. Kemet MLCC capacitors. Nichicon UFW audio grade electrolytic capacitors. Genuine new PIC16F882 chip.


SIDBlaster-USB board (SID chip not included)
2 x Nut for phono sockets (1 red and 1 black)
6 x Jumper

See manual for jumper settings.

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