EMI Filters Pack for C64C Assy 250469

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Genuine products sourced from Mouser.

All filter components for your 250469 SixtyClone build.

Laird LCM4545Z131B-10 line filter with adapter board is a drop in replacement for discontinued and hard to find 8-terminal line filter used on 250469 board.


1 x Laird LCM4545Z131B-10 Line Filter with Adapter Board (L1)
1 x Bourns 78F2R2J-RC 2.2uH RF Choke (L2)
2 x Kemet SBT-0210 Common Mode Choke (L3,L3)
9 x Murata 270 pF Three Terminal Filter Capacitor (EM1-EM9)
1 x Murata 2-Turn Ferrite Bead (FB1)
3 x Murata Ferrite Bead (FB2-FB4)


Laird LCM4545Z131B-10
Bourns 78F Series Conformal Coated RF Choke
Kemet SBT-0210
Murata EMI Supression Filters

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