C64 A/V Adaptor


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Lumberg has discontinued the RCA connectors used in the adaptor. Sven Petersen is designing a revised version that uses different RCA connectors.

An A/V-adaptor board for the C64. This board is intended to connect to the Commodore C64 and use standard cables (audio, composite with RCA connector and/or S-Video with a mini-DIN cable).

It also provides a 330Ohm connector, which attenuates the S-Video chroma line. This resistor can be bridged with a jumper.

Also an optional stereo output on pin 7 of the a/v jack (stereo sid, FPGA SID etc.) can be connected to the right audio channel. By default, this channel is also connected to the (mono) audio output.

Design by Sven Petersen.

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