Bluetooth Controller Adapter for C64/Amiga


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This is the same hardware as Unijoysticle2+. Design by Ricardo Quesada. Project page.

While Unijoysticle2+ hardware is open source the license doesn’t allow to sell it by the name “Unijoysticle.” So I’m selling this with a generic name “Bluetooth Controller Adapter.”

This Bluetooth Controller adapter allows you to use modern Bluetooth controllers, like Xbox One or DUALSHOCK 4 gamepads, in old computers like the Commodore 64.

Fits directly in C64. Amigas have a larger gap between the controller ports than C64 so extension cables are needed to fit the adapter to Amiga. I have the extension cables for sale here.

Usage is very simple. Just insert the adapter to your computer and turn it on. Adapter goes to pairing mode automatically. Put your Bluetooth controller in pairing mode and it connects to adapter.

You can connect more than one Bluetooth controller at the same time. If only one controller is connected the controller port can be changed with the Start-button. It will cycle between controller port one and two.

If two controllers are connected first controller will be at port two and second controller at port one.

Case printed on translucent PLA. LEDs on the inside show through.

Professionally SMT-assembled boards.

I will ship the adapter with the latest firmware from here. Firmware can be updated via onboard USB-connector.

User guide available here.

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Weight 26 g